Make your own Recycling Bin

recylcing bin.jpg

Recycling and sustainability is a very important part of our future as the world population grows. Recycling conserves raw materials – making new products out of recycled materials reduces the need to consume precious resources. Recycling also protects natural habitats for the future. During the summer learning program, children learn about recycling and taking care of our earth through projects like this one! Their recycling bins were donated to local schools to help more students recycle. Let’s take care of planet Earth—it’s the only one we’ve got!


buckets from hardware store

scratch paper






Sketch the design of recycling bin on scratch paper. When sketching, plan to make the recycling bin stand out from a trash can by painting pictures of the materials you can recycle, painting pictures of Earth, painting it blue, or other ideas that will help you remember to recycle.

Once your recycling bin is done, find the best place in your room to place it so that you remember to recycle!

Practice recycling with objects at home such as cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass


BONUS! READ: The Earth Book by Todd Parr


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