The Andy Roddick Foundation develops and operates free six‐week summer learning programs for elementary students, keeping them mentally and physically active over the summer months. Students engage in thematic, inquiry-based learning to develop skills that promote achievement in and out of school, all while engaging their families and the community in their learning. The goal is to not only provide students with a memorable summer experience but also to build resilient students who have the skills and traits, such as initiative and persistence, needed to reach their potential.

2017 Summer Learning Program

Harris Elementary Students Are Going Around the World!

This summer students from Harris Elementary School will travel across the globe. Each of the six weeks of the Andy Roddick Foundation Summer Learning Program will feature a different continent. Students will go on a field trip safari in Africa, make sushi in Asia, play rugby in Australia, learn about and design the rainforest in South America, create Faberge Eggs in Europe, hip hop dance through North America, and so much more! Students will also read about different cultures each week and engage in community service projects to think globally and act locally.


Pecan Springs Elementary Students Are Superheroes!

Students from Pecan Springs Elementary School will unleash their inner superhero this summer. Each of the six weeks of the Andy Roddick Foundation Summer Learning Program will feature a different superhero. Among other activities students will making bat houses for the community for Batman week, design buildings to withstand natural disasters as we learn about Storm, fly like Iron Man at iFLY, discover ways to prevent water pollution for Aquaman, play ultimate frisbee for Captain America, and wrap up the summer writing a comic book about our own superhero. Students will also learn from real-life superheroes as we explore careers related to each character. They also learn how to be their own superhero by being a great teammate and friend.


2016 Summer Learning Program

Students traveled through time — starting in the 1900s and ending by creating our own future! We explored a new decade each week to learn about that time period through sports, science, literacy, arts, and more! 

Check out all the results from the 2016 Summer Learning Program in our 2016 Summary Report or 2016  Full Report.


Thank You to our 2016 Summer Learning Program Partners and Sponsors


What happens to students over the summer?

Students Lose Academic Skills
Students lose at least two months of math and reading skills over the summer months when they aren't engaged in quality summer learning. This has a cumulative effect over time, with students from under-resourced areas falling further and further behind each summer, putting them behind their peers each fall and less ready for college and careers.

Children Are Less Active
Children are less active and gain weight two or three times faster during the summer months than during the school year.

Children Disengage
Parents say that finding ways to keep their children productive is their biggest challenge in the summer. This can put children in risky situations and impact parents’ work productivity.


We are expanding summer opportunities! 

To ensure students have an engaging, enriching, and fun summer experience, the Andy Roddick Foundation operates a six-week summer learning program focused on literacy, STEM, arts, and sports. Elementary students engage in a thematic, inquiry-based learning to develop skills to promote achievement both in and out of school. Additionally, students participate in community service projects and families are purposefully engaged through regular communication and events. The goal is to not only provide students with a memorable summer experience but also to build resilient students who have the skills and traits needed to reach their potential. Building these skills early sets students on a path to become successful, engaged community members and leaders.

Our summer learning program is a mix of activities we design and those provided by community partners, all aligned with the Texas Education Agency’s essential knowledge and skills as well as the goals of the school. All activities revolve around the summer theme, which for the 2016 summer is Time Travel!

By the end of the summer, the students will:

  • Be prepared and ready for the fall school semester
  • Feel healthier and increase their level of physical activity
  • Set and work toward at least one goal, displaying persistence and perseverance
  • Display improved or sustained pro-social behavior in the program 

Engaging Students Year-Round

To keep students and families engaged, the Andy Roddick Foundation continues to provide services and organize events during the school year. We maintain a regular presence at the school, host at least two family nights, take students on regular "Career Field Trips" to places like Austin City Hall and PricewaterhouseCoopers, send home regular communication like birthday cards, make sure all students are informed about afterschool program opportunities, and work with their families to enroll them in a program that best fits their needs. We also work with the school to provide even more students afterschool opportunities - learn more about what we do to support afterschool learning here.


Our Impact

During the 2016 Summer Learning Program:

  • 93% of students, on average, attended each day
  • 92% of families attended family engagement nights
  • 100% of guardians would send their child to the program again
  • 92% of students said the program helped them discover what they are good at doing and what they like to do.
  • 97% of guardians felt the program prepared their child for the next grade
  • 13,824,385 steps were taken over the summer
  • Statistically significant positive changes were found in student initiative and peer relations
  • 130 volunteers spent 552 hours at the program with students and 100% enjoyed the experience

Download the full 2016 Summer Learning Report