Meet Victoria


Name: Victoria
School: Pecan Springs Early College Prep Elementary
Grade: 2nd Grade
Years in the Program: One

ARF: This is your first year with the Andy Roddick Foundation camp. How do you feel when you're here?
Victoria: Happy! I am happy because of all the games we play.

ARF: Is Aquaman the super hero of the week?
Victoria: Yes.
ARF: What are you learning about Aquaman?
Victoria: He lives in water, and he flies!

ARF: Tell me about some of the field trips you've taken this summer?
Victoria: We went to Longhorn Caverns, and we learned that bats don't come out until it's very quiet.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Victoria: I want to be a teacher because they get to help people learn and make them smart.

ARF: You get to take home a big bag of fresh produce and vegetables at the end of every week thanks to our friends at Brighter Bites. Do you have any favorites?
Victoria: My favorites are pineapple and carrots.

ARF: Why do you think kids should come to the Andy Roddick Foundation camp?
Victoria: Kids should come so they can have fun. It would be sad if we didn't have it.

Victoria in the ARF Kids Photo Booth