Meet Markive


Name: Markive
School: Pecan Springs College Prep Elementary
Grade: 4th Grade
Years in the Program: Two

ARF: This is your second year with the Andy Roddick Foundation camp. How do you feel when you're here?
Markive: Happy! I am happy because we do lots of fun activities, and our teacher always let's us go outside before we do all of our work to get our energy out.

ARF: What do you like most about the camp?
Markive: I like that we go on field trips every Friday. We also learn about super heroes and stuff related to them.  Yesterday, we met two military people, and they were talking about how they fight for the country—like Captain America.

ARF: Is Captain America the super hero of the week?
Markive: Yes.
ARF: What are you learning about Captain America?
Markive: We're learning about his shield and how he got his powers. We're making a shield for an egg to protect it, and we're going to drop it off the roof. If it cracks, you're out, and the last egg standing is the winner.

ARF: Have you read any books lately?
Markive: Yes, I read a book about veterans and how they sacrifice for the country.

ARF: Tell me about some of the field trips you've taken this summer?
Markive: We went swimming and fishing. I caught four fish! You have to hold the fishing rod back and push a button so the string comes out, but you have to be very careful. It was my first time to go fishing, and it was good.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Markive: I haven't thought about it yet, but my teacher says I should be a lawyer or judge because  every time one of my friends says something that isn't true, I speak up.

ARF: You get to take home a big bag of fresh produce and vegetables at the end of every week thanks to our friends at Brighter Bites. Do you have any favorites?
Markive: My favorites are mangos and cabbage.

ARF: Why do you think kids should come to the Andy Roddick Foundation camp?
Markive: Kids should come if they're really bored or have nothing to do or want to keep learning.

Markive in the ARF Kids Photo Booth