Meet Ketsy


Name: Ketsy
School: Harris Early College Prep Elementary
Grade: 3rd Grade
Years in the Program: First

ARF: This is your first year with the Andy Roddick Foundation camp. How do you feel when you're here?
Ketsy: Happy!

ARF: Why should kids come to the camp?
Ketsy: So they can have fun and learn more about things they don't know about.

ARF: Tell me about some of the field trips you've taken this summer?
Ketsy: We went ice skating last week. I liked skating on the ice. It was the first time I did that, and I didn't know I could. I did well, and it made me feel happy.

ARF: Did you read any books you liked this week?
Ketsy: I've read so many books. I read Mary Had a the Little Lamb in both English and Spanish.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ketsy: A doctor because I want to take care of my parents and brothers and sisters when they get sick.

ARF: You get to take home a big bag of fresh produce and vegetables at the end of every week thanks to our friends at Brighter Bites. Do you have any favorites?
Ketsy: My favorite is strawberries and mangos, and broccoli and tomatoes.

ARF: What sport have you played this week?
Ketsy: We are playing cricket. I like everything about it. It's my first time to play, but I am good at it.

Ketsy in the ARF Kids Photo Booth