Meet Ashley

Name: Ashley
School: Pecan Springs Early College Prep Elementary
Grade: 4th Grade
Years in the Program: Four

ARF: This is your fourth year with us. How do you feel when you're here?
Ashley: Happy! We learn and get to do things.

ARF: What is your most favorite thing you've done over the last four summers?
Ashley: I like the activities with the teachers.

ARF: What do you like about the camp the most?
Ashley: Field trips!

ARF: Tell me about some of the field trips you've taken this summer?
Ashley: We went to the iMax theater and saw a movie about animals. We learned that they survive by eating food. We also went to Longhorn Caverns and learned about bats. They sleep during the day and go get food at night.

ARF: Did you read any books you liked this week?
Ashley: What Do You Do With an Idea. It's about a little kid who imagined that he could fly and that he had a gold egg.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ashley: A teacher!
ARF: Is that probably why your favorite thing is activities with the teachers?
Ashley: Yes!

ARF:  Have you cooked anything special at the camp?
Ashley: We made a smoothie and ice cream. My favorite part was putting honey on top!

ARF: You get to take home a big bag of fresh produce and vegetables at the end of every week thanks to our friends at Brighter Bites. Do you have any favorites?
Ashley: Mangos and broccoli!

ARF: In just the first few weeks of camp, you've played baseball, kickball and hockey. What do you think kids learn from sports?
Ashley: They help you exercise, so you can be healthy.

Ashley in the ARF Kids Photo Booth