Summer Programs Provide Year-Round Learning Opportunities

By Dr. Paul Cruz
Superintendent, Austin Independent School District

While most instruction and learning in our public schools occurs during the traditional nine-month school year, learning outside of school time is just as important in enabling students to learn and achieve at high levels.

Research shows that summer learning loss, which occurs when some students lose academic knowledge and skills during the summer, is a significant cause of the achievement gap between low-income students and their peers.  The good news is that summer learning activities can benefit all students by enabling them to continue participating in learning activities outside of the school year and be better prepared for the next grade level.

Summer learning programs, such as those sponsored by the Andy Roddick Foundation, build upon and bolster the knowledge and skills that students have acquired during the academic year.  With programs like these, learning can be a year-round activity that enables our students to be fully prepared for success in college, career and life.

Dr. Cruz recently visited the Foundation's Summer Learning Program.