Meet Lauren and Sayali

Lauren and Sayali are 8th graders at Hill Country who collected more than 500 books from Bridge Point Elementary to stock the shelves of our summer reading library for the students at Pecan Springs and Harris Early College Prep Elementary.

Who are your heroes or role models? 

Sayali: My parents. I look up to them for everything, they support me for everything. 
Lauren: My parents

What experiences have you had after school school or during the summer?

Sayali: (very excited) I go to Camp Longhorn! They are big on traditions, so every year you go back it feels like you never left. They have fun activities.
Lauren: (very excited) Camp Kanakuk, it's really fun. You get close with people and make new friends. The counselors are awesome! 

What do you do after school? 

Sayali: Cheer (I used to do soccer, dance)
Lauren: Volleyball, Cross Country, and Cheer (I used to do soccer, ballet, and softball)

Do you have a passion you pursue outside the classroom? 

Sayali: Cheer!
Lauren: Art! I want to get into photography, and I like running. 

Why was it important for y'all to have the book drive? 

Sayali: Leadership! Also, it was fun. Helping a whole entire school is super fun! 
Lauren: I wanted to have a leadership role and help the kids read. 

What was your favorite book to read when you were younger? 

Sayali: Pinkalicious, Magic Tree House Series
Lauren: Shel Silverstein, all of his books! 

What's your message to the ARF Kids?

Sayali: Enjoy your life with the books!
Lauren: Hope you enjoy the books!