Nature Walk

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During our summer learning program, children take weekly field trips to discover their world. Discover yours with a fun nature walk!

Prepare for your walk by buying some bird seed or making a juice box bug catching box.

1. Cut a large opening on one side of the juice box or bottle

2. Put a few leaves and sticks in the box for the bug to have a habitat

3. Cover the hole with a mesh covering (this allows the bug to breathe but not escape)

Then go for a walk in your neighborhood or a park. Make your walk more exciting by adding a fun activity like collecting leaves of every tree you see, capturing a bug in your juice box, or leaving a trail of bird seed. You can also make it an alphabet walk - on your walk, spot something that uses every letter of the alphabet.

When you get home, tape the leaves you collected to paper and label the tree the leaf belongs to (with some help from a website like if you need it!) or identify your bug and give it a name.

Bonus! Read: The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies by Ammi-Joan Paquette

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