Andy Keynote Speaker at Austin Gives Award Luncheon

Watch Andy's speech here.

At the recent Austin Gives annual luncheon, KEYE’s Walt Maciborski interviewed Andy Roddick and asked him why he invests in Austin. “Of all the places you have lived and worked like New York City or Los Angeles, Walt asked,  “Why did you decide to have your Foundation set its base here in Austin?”

Andy replied, “Yeah, when we were a pass through organization, we would hold these great events and raise money and give grants out in the Austin area to organizations that were doing great work, but that system and that model dies once you’re not relevant anymore. The time came when we had to figure out our own programs. But it always had to be here. It's home for me. Austin has the culture and can do attitude. That’s why businesses are coming here and young professionals are moving here. There’s a magnetism about Austin.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been watching all this political coverage and talk about what’s wrong with America and how negative it is. I don’t see it where I live. We have a better attitude -- it’s positive. I don’t know how to define the intangibles of Austin, but if you have been here long enough you can feel it -- you know it. Austinites certainly own it."

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