Meet Makayla

Name: Makayla
School: Pecan Springs Early College Prep Elementary
Grade: 4th
Years in the Program: Three

ARF: This is your third year with us. How do you feel when you're here?
Makayla: The "Mr. Andy Roddick Foundation" makes me feel happy!

ARF: You're studying weather this week. What activities have you done?
Makayla: We flew kites in the wind and made tornados. We also talked about how people can stay safe in floods.

ARF: Did you read any books you liked this week?
Makayla: Yes, I read The Storm Is Coming. It's about a farmer who heard on the radio that a storm was coming, and he told his dog who told all the other animals, expect for the cat, because the cat slept through the storm.

ARF: You're going on a field trip to the Bullock IMAX theater later this week, but where did you go last week, and what did you learn?
Makayla: We went to the bat caves. We learned that if you flash lights on bats they'll wake up. And that stalactites grow from the ceiling, and stalagmites grow from the ground.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Makayla: I want to be a teacher because you can help a lot of kids study what they don't know.

Makayla in the ARF Kids Photo Booth