Meet Alyson

Name: Alyson
School: Harris Early College Prep Elementary
Grade: 2nd
Years in the Program: One

ARF: This is your first week at the Summer Learning Program. What have you learned so far?
Alyson: (looking down at her fitbit) I learned how to get a bunch of points by moving. It says I've gone 1,783 steps. At first, it was on seven but now it's a whole lot more!

ARF: What else did you do this week?
Alyson: We learned how to build robots. The robots picked up yucky, sticky stuff on the beach so it was clean for the turtles.

You know, I had a really good idea. We had to push the robot down to clean the beach. So, I put some sticky stuff on the bottom so it would stay down. Other people liked my idea, and they did it, too.

ARF: Did you read any books you liked this week?
Alyson: I like reading books, and I do have a bunch books. We read Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears. It was kinda funny.

ARF: What did you learn to cook this week?
Alyson: Mealie pap. It's an African food that people make with cornmeal and water. Mix, mix, mix. Pour out the water, or it soaks into the cornmeal. If it gets sticky on the bottom, you just stir it. Then, you divide it in half or eat the whole pot.

ARF: You're going on a field trip to the Exotic Resort Zoo. What are you most looking forward to seeing?
Alyson: I'm looking forward to seeing the tiger and jaguar.

ARF: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Alyson: I do like to build things. I want to build big, tall robots ... and robot balloons!"

Alyson in the ARF Kids Photo Booth