Let's #AmplifyATX With ARF

It's the 6th #AmplifyATX on March 1st at 6 p.m. and giving back to our community has never been so easy! We're asking you to join us to campaign for Austin's children. Last year on our behalf, you raised over $26,000 through campaigns allowing us to provide high quality afterschool and summer learning and enrichment programs for more than 3,800 children in Austin all during the times of day and months when they are most at-risk and falling behind. Can we raise $30,000 together this year to give even more children new chances to grow in self-worth and confidence when they need us the most?

Be part of the 6th Amplify Austin Day! 

Set your goal, get the word out, and watch the dollars roll in!

Want to learn how the Andy Roddick Foundation is changing lives? Visit our programs page here


Get in touch with us if you have questions or need assistance creating your fundraiser.